The Executive Committee and Trustees

The Executive Committee and Trustees


The Executive Committee comprises of Officers of the Society, namely the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer and three Ordinary Members of the Society, all elected by the Ordinary Members of the Society. The Committee has power to co-opt up to two other members for a period not exceeding one year. 

Subject to the provisions of the Constitution and to any directions of the Society in General Meeting, the Executive Committee conducts the day to day affairs of the Society and exercises the functions delegated to it by the Society in General Meeting.  Subject to the provisions of the Society's Constitutions the Committee has the power to make, vary or revoke rules for the conduct of its affairs. 

Rev Francis Bradley (President)

Rev James O'Kane (General Secretary)

Rev Brian McLean (Treasurer)

Rev Simon Blakesley (Committee Member)

Rev Kristian Paver (Committee Member)

Rev Joseph Rooney (Committee Member)


The Trustees are jointly responsible for The Society as a registered charity and share the responsibility for finances with the assistance of the Treasurer

V. Rev Mgr John Conneely

Rt Rev Mgr David Cousins

Rt Rev Mgr David Hogan

Rt Rev Mgr Gordon Read