The Society and the 1983 Code




One of the great achievements of the Society came a decade after the promulgation of the 1983 Code of Canon Law on 25 January 1983 by John Paul II when the Society published its own commentary on the Code: THE CANON LAW, LETTER & SPIRIT





The 1983 Code of Canon Law has been described by Pope John Paul II as "the final document of the Second Vatican Council". In this, the Holy Father was encapsulating precisely what this Code is: a revision of the earlier 1917 Code which takes into account the doctrinal, pastoral and practical teachings of the Council, while at the same time retaining, as did the Council, the age-old law and tradition of the Church. The aim of this volume is to bring this understanding into the daily life of the Church, at all levels: to Bishops in their pastoral ministry, to priests in parishes and other such pastoral areas, to teachers and students in seminaries, to members of religious institutes and societies, not least to the laity who remain firmly at the heart of the Church's mission. The book incorporates the various developments and interpretations, which have occurred since the Code was promulagated. It attempts also to incorporate the practical wisdom which has been gained over the 12 years of working with the new code. As such, the volume is a new venture into the arena of "Commentaries on the Code". While keeping the specialist clearly in mind, it aims to stretch out to all who would wish to know what Canon Law really means, and particularly the extent to which it can help to bring their lives into harmony with the mind of Christ. 


"This is an excellent commentary and translation of the 1983 Code of Canon Law. Prepared under the auspices of the Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland, it contains all the canons of the 1983 Code in a fresh English translation (approved by eight Bishops' Conferences worldwide) and a canon-by-canon commentary with footnotes and cross-references. The translation is accurate and clear, and the commentary is good, easy to understand and practical.

This volume is not overly verbose, unlike some commentaries, yet it packs in a lot of material to help even the lay-reader understand and apply the canon in his/her life/situation. It is a highly practical and pastoral commentary, that seeks to help the reader understand the canons in the light of the tradition of the Catholic Church enunciated through the teachings of Vatican II. Strong theology and ecclesiology permeates through the entire commentary.....   A fresh approach of this commentary is its views of canon laws as guides on the path to salvation, rather than as the ecclesiastical counterpart to civil laws aimed at restricting freedom.
Pope John Paul II described the 1983 Code as "the final document of Vatican II." This commentary can be described as permeating with the authentic teachings and thoughts of Vatican II. You need not agree with all the commentaries of the canons, but it has done an overall excellent job with providing a scholarly and faithful interpretation of this venerable tradition of the Catholic Church called Canon Law."

'Excellent Commentary in the footsteps of Vatican II', 5 Oct. 2002, by A Customer - Published on