Past Lyndwood Lectures

Past Lyndwood Lectures

The biennial Lyndwood Lectures are a significant ecumenical joint commitment by the Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland and the Ecclesiastical Law Society.


2nd November 1996, Vaughan House, Westminster, The Very Reverend Professor Brian Ferme, Pontifical Gregorian University, Lyndwood and the Provinciale: Canon Law in an Undivided Church. Chairman; The Reverend Robert Ombres OP. CLSN 10. p.108, 4 EccLJ 615.

7th November 1998, St Paul’s Cathedral, Dr Norman Doe, Cardiff Law School, The Principles of Canon Law: A Focus of Legal Unity in Anglican Roman Catholic Relations. Chairman: The Worshipful Mark Hill. CLSN 47, p.119.

27th October 2000, Vaughan House, Westminster, The Reverend Dr Clarence Gallagher SJ, Campion Hall, Oxford, Diversity in Unity: Approaches to Church Order in Rome and in Byzantium. Chairman: the Reverend Dr. Theodore Davey CP. 125 CLSN 125, p. 47, 6 EccLJ 208.

13th November, 2002, St Michael’s Westminster. The Right Reverend John Hind. Bishop of Chichester, Papal Primacy: An Anglican Perspective. Chairman: The Right Reverend Christopher Hill. CLSN 133, p.39.

15th November, 2004, Archbishop’s House, Westminster. The Most Reverend Dr. John McAreavey, Bishop of Dromore, Mixed Marriages: Conversations in Theology, Ecumneism, Canon Law and Pastoral Practice. Chairman: The Reverend John Conneely. CLSN 140, p.78, EccLJ 121

15th November 2006, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Right Reverend Graeme Knowles, Bishop of Sodor and Man, Mission, Ministry and Masonry: The Challenge of Heritage Buildings for Christian Witness. Chairman: The Right Reverend Christopher Hill. 150 CLSN 150, p.47, EccLJ 152.

At least two of these Lectures are associated with publications. Professor Ferme’s doctoral thesis Canon Law in late Medieval England: A Study of William Lyndwoods Provinciale with particular reference to Testamentary Law was published by the Libreria Ateno Salesiano. Dr. Gallagher’s lecture was based on the research behind the book Church Law and Church Order in Rome and Byzantium: A Comparative Study subsequently published in conjunction with Birmingham University.

5th November 2008 at Archbishop’s House, Westminster and the speaker will be The Most Reverend Dr. Peter Smith, Archbishop of Cardiff