Pope Francis issues updated norms for personal ordinariates

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published new complementary norms for Anglicanorum coetibus, governing the personal Ordinariates,  former Anglican ministers and lay faithful who have joined the Catholic Church.

The updated Complementary Norms introduce several modifications to those promulgated in November 2009.

Regarding liturgical celebrations, an entire article, number 15, has been added to regulate the liturgical form

First, use of the liturgical form is restricted to the Personal Ordinariates.

Second, the Norms allow any priest incardinated in an Ordinariate to celebrate Mass according to Divine Worship when not in a parish belonging to the Ordinariate, if done privately. The celebration of Mass with a congregation is possible, if the pastor of the church gives his permission.

Third, if a pastoral necessity exists or no Ordinariate priest is available, any diocesan or religious priest may celebrate Mass according to Divine Worship for members of the Ordinariate. Non-Ordinariate priests may also concelebrate Mass under the liturgical form.

Regarding pastoral provision,

Two changes are made to Article 4. The Ordinariate can allow former Anglican ministers already incardinated in a Catholic Diocese to be incardinated into a Personal Ordinariate. They also say that clerics joining an Ordinariate must excardinate from their former Diocese.

Regarding Baptism of the faithful,

Article 5 allows for any validly baptized Christian who was evangelized by the Ordinariate to join it by receiving the Sacraments of Confirmation and the Eucharist. A person who has not been validly baptized may also join through the Sacraments of Initiation.

Regarding the formation of clergy,

Article 10 refers no longer to “candidates for priestly ordination” but to “Ordinariate Seminarians”, who study at institutions with Latin-rite seminarians.

Also, the article allows the Ordinariate to organise its own programs for the ongoing formation of clergy.