Ordinary Life Membership and Honorary Membership

Ordinary Life Membership and Honorary Membership

The granting of an accolade is the Canon Law Society's acknowledgement of the efforts of an individual who has demonstrated in a special way the objectives of the Society.  In its 60 year history the Society has awarded Honorary Membership, Ordinary Life Membership and the Papal Order of Saint Gregory to distinguished persons. 


The Ordinary Life Membership is given to one who until reception of the accolade has been an Ordinary Member of the Society.  This award waives the annual subscription fee to the Society and entitlement to the Society's Publications while retaining the right to vote.

The Honorary Membership is awarded to an individual who is not an Ordinary Member and who best exemplifies the objectives of the Society. An Honorary Member does not have entitlement to vote.


The Society has awarded the distinction of Honorary Membership and Ordinary Life Membership to seven individuals, namely,


Fr. Francis Morrisey, OMI of Ottawa (Ordinary Life Membership),

Monsignor Max Reinhardt of Brooklyn (Ordinary Membership),

Monsignor Ralph Brown (Ordinary Life Membership),

Urbano Cardinal Navarrete Cortés SJ (Honorary Membership), 

Sister Ishbel McPherson SND (Ordinary Life Membership),

Mrs Margaret Foster (Ordinary Life Membership)

Monsignor Gordon Read (Ordinary Life Membership).


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